013: Punch Stuff Until The Magic Happens (featuring Andrew Natoli from The Inconsolables)

Co-host of The Inconsolables Andrew Natoli joins Trevor and Ben for a spicy good time! Game pitches this week include the new Hogwarts adventures of Fiddler and Louse, the tribulations of raising a baby mech alongside your human children, the son of God as a limo driver, and we reimagine Atlus’s Persona 5 as a clone filled action brawler mixed with a bit of Banjo-Kazooie. Oh, plus sentient spice jars riding T-bone steaks, because that’s how we roll.

Click Pitch

  • Potter Louse Fiddler
  • Parakeet Springtime Coldness
  • Articulation Waist Ingratitude
  • Taper Fertilizer Meekness
  • Warring Paprika Rodeo
  • Fern Peel Kilogram
  • Seniority Limousine Stigmata

Reimagined: Persona 5 by Atlus

Andrew’s Links:

Andrew on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kalgar
The Inconsolables on :
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inconsolablespodcast/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/InconsolablesAU
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/inconsolables
Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-inconsolables
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/the-inconsoleables/id1157250999?mt=2

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012: Rex Hunt: The Fisher King (featuring Mitch Loh)

Ben and Trevor are joined this week by Mitch Loh from the Pixel Sift podcast! We find ourselves in some familiar Lame Storming territory with games set at funerals and involving people in mascot suits – you’ll have to listen to find out if that’s one game idea or two. We make countless references to B-grade Australian celebrities in a telethon simulation game, and reimagine Horizon: Zero Dawn as a mashup of every Vin Diesel movie ever made.

Click Pitch

  • Miniature Album Tab
  • Misreading Kissing Invitation
  • Bust Analog Drool
  • Pledge Recycling Requirement
  • Hollow Kingfisher Dropping
  • Raising Written Ammonia

Mitch’s Links

Mitch on Twitter: https://twitter.com/six4T3
Pixel Sift website: https://pixelsift.com.au/
Pixel Sift on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/pixel-sift/id1043812386?mt=2
Pixel Sift on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixelsift
Pixel Sift on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixelSift/

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011: Competitive Ornithology (featuring Pete Curulli)

Pete Curulli from the fantastic Game On Australia podcast joins Ben and Trevor this week in a cavalcade of potty humour and Star Wars jokes. We discover the new ARG for Blizzard’s next Overwatch character reveal, re-invent the meaning of ‘Season Pass’, come up with a bird based MOBA, challenge theme park mascots to hold their pee and re-imagine The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a fart based game made beautiful by Team Ico . Don’t lose any of that StinkMass™!

Click Pitch

  • Straight Carcass Dwell
  • Scour Blacking Interpretation
  • Infringe Search Precipitate
  • Urinated Mascot Hope
  • Saw Prank Pastime
  • Doze Package Destroyer
  • Ornithologist Friend Crouch
  • Pasture Chimp *Pfffftht*
  • Breath of the Wild Reimagined

Pete’s Social Media

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010: Miami Noir (featuring Gustav Seymore)

With the help of Gustav Seymore from Lost Goblin, Trevor and Ben take this week’s prompts and turn them into management games involving valet parking, high school relationships and sentient hams, as well as an action adventure game starring a bright and shiny shorts wearing detective, a dark and twisted movie making game and an alternate version of Lost Goblin’s ‘Goblins of Elderstone’ with an elderly protagonist summoning goblins.

Click Pitch

  • Circuitry Ham Reporting
  • Personnel Age Moment
  • Upside Self Redundancy
  • Handball Graph Estimate
  • Storing Burst Cars
  • Yellow Detective Shorts
  • Movie Length Imprisonment

Gustav’s Projects and Social Media
Goblins of Elderstone on Kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1479865732/goblins-of-elderstone-the-goblin-tribe-simulator
Lost Goblin Website – http://www.lostgoblin.com
Twitter – https://twitter.com/lostgoblin
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lostgoblin/

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009: Waves Waves Waves (featuring Inge Berman)

Game artist Inge Berman from S1T2 surfs into our special Global Game Jam episode, using this year’s theme of ‘waves’ to buoy our imaginations! The result is wet and foamy, as we invent a VR game starring a dendrophobic lumberjack (with a sweet double axe attack), a meditation game using Nintendo’s Wii Fiit Board and Viiitality sensor, and we reinvent Inge’s game Kept as a stationery hoarding game with a gnomish protagonist.

Click Pitch

  • Advise Pedestrian Waves
  • Declaring Axe Bark
  • Carrying Enterprise Impulse
  • Move Ambiguity Mod
  • Glowing Figure Waves
  • Overlap Compare
  • Average Writer Delay

Inge’s Project Links
S1T2 – s1t2.com.au
Kept – keptgame.com

Inge’s Social Media
S1T2 (Facebook) – facebook.com/S1T2creative
S1T2 (Twitter) – @s1t2
Kept (Twitter) – @keptvr
Kept (Instagram) – instagram.com/keptvr/
Twitter – @ingechu

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008: Vince McMahon’s Testify (featuring Justine Colla)

Community lead and co-founder of Alta, Justine Colla, joins us this week to invent games about chatting with anthropomorphic ledges, hypnotizing restaurant patrons to get better tips, and giant wrestling goddesses. It’s clobberin’ time! (That’s a wrestling thing, right?)

Click Pitch

  • Terrorising Goddess Characteristic
  • Circumvent Misunderstood Ledge
  • Living Remission Magnetising
  • Physical Barbarian Testify
  • Channeled Suburban Bending
  • Kneel Mesmerised Waitress
  • Betide Affiliate Parchment
  • Engorged Timekeeper Snob
  • Syllabafying Splintering Thunderbolt
  • Disarrange Thermal Clapper

Justine’s Project Links
Alta – altavr.io
Township Tale – towshiptale.com

Justine’s Social Media
Alta (Facebook) – facebook.com/altavr/
Alta (Twitter) – @RealAlta
A Township Tale – @townshiptale
Twitter – @pastasauca

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007: Teen Angst Food Fight (featuring Emre Deniz)

Game designer Emre Deniz joins us this week, and the result was slightly disturbing. Themes of darkness dominated, with flickering candles and the setting sun giving way to the horrors that lie in the absence of light.

Plus, parties! Food fights and drug filled benders, with messes to be made and cleaned up. Everything is fun in VR!

Click Pitch

  • Corroborated Rustling Foetus
  • Banquetting Vibrant Angst
  • Outgrown Heirloom Predicament
  • Displeased Keg Jaw
  • Erosion Heresay Penance

Emre’s Project Links
Opaque Media Group – www.opaque.media
Earthlight – www.earthlightvr.com
Genesis God Game – www.genesisgodgame.com

Emre’s Social Media
Opaque Media Group (Facebook) – facebook.com/opaquemm
Opaque Media Group (Twitter) – @OpaqueMM
Genesis God Game – @genesisgodgame
Emre Deniz – @emre_c_deniz


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005: Pizza Delivery Pro (featuring Jack Erskine)

Trevor and Ben welcome Jack Erskine, the 3D Artist & Animator for Siege Sloth Games, to the Lame Cave. Together they play a rousing round of Click Pitch, and talk about Siege Sloth Games upcoming release, Evergreen.

Click Pitch Classic

  • Growing Helium Unbuckled
  • Ceasing Intensive Collecting
  • Adjust Gin Defense
  • Credit Hobby Band
  • Wrong Fill Device
  • Temperature Pizza Carved
  • Neutral Arm Nestle
  • Impress Enthralling Trunk

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004.5: Click Pitch Classic #4


Trevor and Ben return for the final installment of Click Pitch Classic. This one comes from episode 16 of Two Sweary Dad’s. Check it out here.

Click Pitch Classic

  • Informality Monogamy
  • Mail Geometry
  • Fringe Serial
  • Ink Sampling
  • Grip Slowing
  • Museum Revealing
  • Writing Postulate Corpse
  • Interfacing Termination
  • Incarnation Chosen
  • Subconscious Cassette

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