007: Teen Angst Food Fight (featuring Emre Deniz)

Game designer Emre Deniz joins us this week, and the result was slightly disturbing. Themes of darkness dominated, with flickering candles and the setting sun giving way to the horrors that lie in the absence of light.

Plus, parties! Food fights and drug filled benders, with messes to be made and cleaned up. Everything is fun in VR!

Click Pitch

  • Corroborated Rustling Foetus
  • Banquetting Vibrant Angst
  • Outgrown Heirloom Predicament
  • Displeased Keg Jaw
  • Erosion Heresay Penance

Emre’s Project Links
Opaque Media Group – www.opaque.media
Earthlight – www.earthlightvr.com
Genesis God Game – www.genesisgodgame.com

Emre’s Social Media
Opaque Media Group (Facebook) – facebook.com/opaquemm
Opaque Media Group (Twitter) – @OpaqueMM
Genesis God Game – @genesisgodgame
Emre Deniz – @emre_c_deniz


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005: Pizza Delivery Pro (featuring Jack Erskine)

Trevor and Ben welcome Jack Erskine, the 3D Artist & Animator for Siege Sloth Games, to the Lame Cave. Together they play a rousing round of Click Pitch, and talk about Siege Sloth Games upcoming release, Evergreen.

Click Pitch Classic

  • Growing Helium Unbuckled
  • Ceasing Intensive Collecting
  • Adjust Gin Defense
  • Credit Hobby Band
  • Wrong Fill Device
  • Temperature Pizza Carved
  • Neutral Arm Nestle
  • Impress Enthralling Trunk

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004.5: Click Pitch Classic #4


Trevor and Ben return for the final installment of Click Pitch Classic. This one comes from episode 16 of Two Sweary Dad’s. Check it out here.

Click Pitch Classic

  • Informality Monogamy
  • Mail Geometry
  • Fringe Serial
  • Ink Sampling
  • Grip Slowing
  • Museum Revealing
  • Writing Postulate Corpse
  • Interfacing Termination
  • Incarnation Chosen
  • Subconscious Cassette

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004: The Little and The Big

lamestorming4Trevor and Ben pitch some of their favourite games from their youth as new and improved remakes, then try to come up with some tv and movie tie in games.

Game Remakes

  • Jill of the Jungle
  • Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure
  • Blaze of Glory

TV and Movie Tie-ins

  • Big
  • Dexter
  • Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps

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003: Peter Bred and the Stale Situation

lamestorming3Trevor and Ben have some pre-prepared game ideas that they unleash on each other, before playing another couple of rounds of Click Pitch. Although they do get a little VR heavy… must be that Ben got to experience VR at PAX.

Pre-Prepared Game Ideas:

  • PAX Line Simulator
  • Peter Bred and the Stale Situation
  • Podcasters Life

Click Pitch:

  • Budget Refund
  • Mighty Tents
  • Knife Density
  • Cool Corpse

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002: Blind Reflection


This episode we try out a new segment, Adventure Game Design Done Quick (AGDDQ), where we try to write the story and puzzles for a small point and click adventure game within the hour. The result is a Lovecraftian horror game called Blind Reflection, with some interesting twists on the classic point and click gameplay.

Adventure Game Design Done Quick

  • Blind Reflection

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