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002: Blind Reflection


This episode we try out a new segment, Adventure Game Design Done Quick (AGDDQ), where we try to write the story and puzzles for a small point and click adventure game within the hour. The result is a Lovecraftian horror game called Blind Reflection, with some interesting twists on the classic point and click gameplay.

Adventure Game Design Done Quick

  • Blind Reflection

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001: Twitch Plays Malkovich


We jump straight into the fun in our first episode, starting out by bringing our game Click Pitch across from our other podcast Two Sweary Dads, then starting a new segment where we come up with game tie-ins for movies that probably don’t need them.
Click Pitch

  • Minimum Distance
  • Elevator Killing (Elevator Tension)
  • Future Trapping

Movie Tie-Ins

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