014: Baby B-Ball (featuring Giselle Rosman from Hipster Whale)

Giselle Rosman of Hipster Whale, the Melbourne IGDA and the Global Game Jam is our guest this week, helping Ben and Trevor turn random prompts into games where babies play basketball, dogs have to pee their own landmarks, a wandering chaperone moves from school to school making sure there’s no funny business happening, and a ghost has to alter its environment to make sure everybody finds their soulmate. Finally, while reimagining Thimbleweed Park by Terrible Toybox we bring the time-honoured adventure game staple of pixel hunting into the VR space – I can hear Ron Gilbert’s facepalm from here.

Click Pitch

  • Wandering Carved Chaperone
  • Satirizing Cheese Confiscation
  • Placard Creek Pattern
  • Fade Concealing Displacement
  • Travelling Dribbling Swish
  • Introvert Concoction Notification
  • Retracing Cozy Warmth
  • Custard Hurdling Canvass

Reimagined: Thimbleweed Park by Terrible Toybox

Giselle’s Links:

Giselle on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jazzrozz
Global Game Jam: http://globalgamejam.org/
IGDA Melbourne Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/igdam/
Hipster Whale: http://hipsterwhale.com/

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