013: Punch Stuff Until The Magic Happens (featuring Andrew Natoli from The Inconsolables)

Co-host of The Inconsolables Andrew Natoli joins Trevor and Ben for a spicy good time! Game pitches this week include the new Hogwarts adventures of Fiddler and Louse, the tribulations of raising a baby mech alongside your human children, the son of God as a limo driver, and we reimagine Atlus’s Persona 5 as a clone filled action brawler mixed with a bit of Banjo-Kazooie. Oh, plus sentient spice jars riding T-bone steaks, because that’s how we roll.

Click Pitch

  • Potter Louse Fiddler
  • Parakeet Springtime Coldness
  • Articulation Waist Ingratitude
  • Taper Fertilizer Meekness
  • Warring Paprika Rodeo
  • Fern Peel Kilogram
  • Seniority Limousine Stigmata

Reimagined: Persona 5 by Atlus

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