011: Competitive Ornithology (featuring Pete Curulli)

Pete Curulli from the fantastic Game On Australia podcast joins Ben and Trevor this week in a cavalcade of potty humour and Star Wars jokes. We discover the new ARG for Blizzard’s next Overwatch character reveal, re-invent the meaning of ‘Season Pass’, come up with a bird based MOBA, challenge theme park mascots to hold their pee and re-imagine The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a fart based game made beautiful by Team Ico . Don’t lose any of that StinkMass™!

Click Pitch

  • Straight Carcass Dwell
  • Scour Blacking Interpretation
  • Infringe Search Precipitate
  • Urinated Mascot Hope
  • Saw Prank Pastime
  • Doze Package Destroyer
  • Ornithologist Friend Crouch
  • Pasture Chimp *Pfffftht*
  • Breath of the Wild Reimagined

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