009: Waves Waves Waves (featuring Inge Berman)

Game artist Inge Berman from S1T2 surfs into our special Global Game Jam episode, using this year’s theme of ‘waves’ to buoy our imaginations! The result is wet and foamy, as we invent a VR game starring a dendrophobic lumberjack (with a sweet double axe attack), a meditation game using Nintendo’s Wii Fiit Board and Viiitality sensor, and we reinvent Inge’s game Kept as a stationery hoarding game with a gnomish protagonist.

Click Pitch

  • Advise Pedestrian Waves
  • Declaring Axe Bark
  • Carrying Enterprise Impulse
  • Move Ambiguity Mod
  • Glowing Figure Waves
  • Overlap Compare
  • Average Writer Delay

Inge’s Project Links
S1T2 – s1t2.com.au
Kept – keptgame.com

Inge’s Social Media
S1T2 (Facebook) – facebook.com/S1T2creative
S1T2 (Twitter) – @s1t2
Kept (Twitter) – @keptvr
Kept (Instagram) – instagram.com/keptvr/
Twitter – @ingechu

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