006: Jiggly Bits (featuring Rhys Smith)

Rhys Smith of Pine Fire Studios joins Trevor and Ben this week and they delve into some Click Pitch where things quickly get hot and bothered. Games about flames, burlesque and bondage are the result, until things are slightly cooled by a game about lichen trading.

About the Guest

Pine Fire Studios are preparing to release their game Kieru in 2017.

Find them at pinefirestudios.com or their facebook page, facebook.com/PineFireStudios


Click Pitch

  • Confection Gleaming Travelling
  • Fullness Kissing Settle
  • Reverie Sparkler Freak
  • Gynaecology Excommunicate Disc
  • Torturing Accommodate Scaffold
  • Cereal Totem Garbled
  • Bawdy Rehearsal Generralise
  • Mothering Sunflower Handle
  • Storehouse Lichen Con
  • Ice Leg Author
  • Building Char Lose


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