029: Monique the Leek (Bit Drizzle #2)

While Ben is in Canada we have a number of smaller episodes entitled “Bit Drizzle” ready for your listening pleasure. In this episode Ben and Trevor discuss a game featuring Twinder, sentient candy and they return to the world of anthropomorphic root vegetables that still don’t like their leafy cousins.

028: Super Corn Boy (Featuring the Inconsolables)

While Ben’s away Trevor will play… Click Pitch… with guest hosts. Trevor welcomes Andrew Natoli (@Kalgar) and Paul Cunningham (@ThundermaceAus) from the Inconsolables podcast to riff on crazy ideas involving the celestial dance of the moon and the sun, hunting humans, wrestling in wine cellars and a rip off of homage to Super Meat Boy called Super Corn Boy.

027: AACK! (Bit Drizzle #1)

While Ben is in Canada we have a number of smaller episodes entitled “Bit Drizzle” ready for your listening pleasure. In this episode the boys talk about sentient baked goods, try to take down the fraternity system and tell a lovely story about a grandma and her grand-daughter.


026: Running With Scissors

In their last episode before Ben heads off to Canada leaving Trevor to fend for himself for 6 weeks, the boys come up with some interesting mechanics involving a second-person action/adventure game, losing time instead of health, picking procedurally generated people out of a police lineup and finding the best way to spend one million bucks. Plus some Doctor Who thing, I don’t know.

Click Pitch

  • Elaborate Recognition
  • Ideal Million
  • Handy Down
  • Flip Clock
  • Substantial Present
  • Deep Unit

025: Metaphorical Magnetism

This week on Bit Storm: watch our for flames as you hatch a dragon’s egg, see how large you can grow your lint ball, discover the intricacies of playing curling on a basketball court, drive a car as a small child and solve nursery rhyme crimes with Ben and Trevor.

024: Brain Burn-In

Multiplayer backstabbing while diverting asteroids, skeleton jigsaw puzzles, avoiding the flu and images burning into your brain like an old CRT – just a few of the game mechanics in this week’s episode. Join Ben and Trevor as they Click Pitch the night away!

023: OnlineSpySchool.com

The Atari 2600 game ET, ducks pulling off bank heists, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, kiwis (the bird, not the fruit), the Dewey Decimal System and far too many secret agents; these are just a few of the ideas tackled in this week’s crop of Click Pitch games by Trevor and Ben. If you’ve ever wanted a period piece about the great video game crash of the 80s, (and really, who hasn’t thought about that at least once in their lives?), this is the episode for you!

Click Pitch

  • Fate Funeral
  • Flight Ground
  • Seek Tower
  • Upsetting Contemporary
  • Ability Park
  • Cartridge Sneak
  • Naughty Scholar
  • Insert Library


022: For Whom The Gel Tolls

Ben and Trevor click the night away and invent a gel based multiplayer squad shooter with Minecraft building mechanics, an alien raising simulator as metaphor for raising a human child, a Moonlighting sequel which reveals an old nemesis, plus they fight off boars to gain access to the fountain of youth and much more!